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Medical misdiagnosis is the new modern deadly plague. Save time, money, and grief when you learn the truth about your current illness. What your Doctor is not telling you may cost you your life.

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IGG Dried blood spot food sensitivity testing

Food sensitivity testing is an easy at home process. You will receive a kit from the lab that requires a dried blood spot sample from your finger. The kit will arrive at you house and you simply return it to the lab.  The best way to start  healing naturally is to eat foods nourish and not inflame your body.

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Where does your water come?   What kind of water are you drinking?

This is one of the most important questions that everyone needs to ask themselves especially if you have a health condition.

Heavy metal and chemical toxicity  are . Non-Hodgkins lymphoma or bone marrow leukemia is linked to pesticide toxicity known as the organophosphate Roundup. Drinking water around the world and especially in the United States has been found to contain this deadly poison as well as lead, arsenic, aluminum and other toxins.

Water testing

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