Take authority over your health and reverse disease  at home naturally. I have provided you this information so that you can be in charge. You can visit Dr. Dietrich Klinghardts website to  download and  print out his free protocols for natural treatment of illness. These protocols are guides and provide you all naural solutions to help yourself.

Even if you do not have lyme disease this protocol is centered around killing infectious organisms that many of us have. We have all been exposed to viruses and vaccinated . Retro virus from vaccines often causes disease and chronic illness. 

Lyme disease is an ignored pandemic and many people are misdiagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Dr. Klinghardt has natural and biological treatment of lyme disease proocols  as well as autism. 

The most sophistocated healers and medical professionals do not have a need for pharma drugs and offer all natural solutions that have been suppressed from general knowledge.

If you have a health crisis it is most important to understand why you are sick and what the root cause of your illness is. There is no such things as an idiopathic disease. 

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