Dr. Stoller MD speaks on fluoride

Dr. Stoller MD speaks on fluoride


Dr. Kenneth Stoller MD speaks on Fluorideand the neurotoxic effects.

Hello boys and girls, moms and dads, and anyone else who has tuned into my first health lecture.

I am known for speaking truth to stupidity, so let me come right out and say we are all slaves to the trans-national We Say So Corporations and it is affecting our health because they will kill us and are killing us for profit. I was asked to do these little health lectures in my retirement to hopefully help the world wake the Hooie up, because common sense and the scientific method seem to have gone poof!

Yes I said poof! Not poop, (can I say poop?) – I might as well have said poop because our health is going to poop in a hand basket because we have allowed ourselves to be experimented on by those who do not have our best interests in mind. And when we find out others are taking advantage of us for profit we don’t seem to give a poop either. And those who could do something about it are bought off with fancy cars, furs and free enemas.

So for my first health lecture I am going to talk about is fluoride.

Now, before you is a toothbrush – scientifically proven to improve oral hygiene and prevent tooth decay – end of story? No way Jose. Someone came up with something better – rat poison. Yes my friends, Fluoride is a rat poison and ingesting fluoride has not been scientifically proven to do anything but make us sick and dumb. And if what I am telling you is true, and it is, why would anyone want to give us rat poison but say it was good for us.

That is a very good question we should have all been asking ourselves many decades ago, as it is a story of corruption and greed but well beyond my little lecture here.

I am here to tell you that Fluoride is more poisonous than lead, but try selling toothpaste with lead and you will be arrested for poisoning people. Ah, toothpaste sweetened with that nature good taste of lead.

Look… fluoride is almost as poisonous as arsenic, so as we say where I come from What The Focaccia. Actually, no one says that, but I was once in love with a Bollywood actress Lotsa Focaccia, so I like saying her name. Seriously, if dentists make money fixing your rotten teeth why are they so dedicated to promoting something they say will keep your teeth from being rotten… yeah, think about it. Think about why you would take advice from a profession that thinks it is ok to put the most deadly non-radioactive element into your mouth and call it a dental filling.. that’s right silver filings are made from mercury. The only people who would put mercury in your body want to kill you. Please let that sink in.

Fluoride will calcify your pineal gland, destroy your liver & kidneys, damage your chromosomes, and a 14-year research carried out by your own Harvard University that showed a significant link between fluoridation and a rare form of bone cancer called osteosarcoma. But best of all, fluoride makes you stupid. And you know what they say in my country… stupid is just the way they want us.

If your water contains aluminum, another neurotoxin, Aluminum fluoride is created that will disrupt your hormones and the chemistry in your brain. So, if you are worried about your limp Willie you should be concerned about the fluoride in your water.

Now, here is a really interesting fun fact… Once fluoride is put in the water, it is impossible to control the dose each individual receives. The average person receives fluoride from sources other than the supply such as fluoridated oral hygiene products, food, and beverages processed with fluoridated water, mechanically deboned meat, and teas. Some people drink a lot of water too, and their exposure is more than those who don’t, but if you just put this rat poison in the water, you can’t control the poison exposure.

Once fluoride is put in the water, it puts the elderly, the diabetics, and people with poor kidney function are at special risk. Also vulnerable are those who suffer from malnutrition, for example, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin D, iodine deficiencies, and protein-poor diets. Those most likely to suffer from poor nutrition are the poor, who are precisely the people being targeted by new fluoridation programs. While being at a heightened risk, poor families are less able to afford avoidance measures, for example, fluoride removal equipment.

Well, so What the Focaccia? The We Say So Corporations don’t want you to avoid Fluoride because they are making money selling it to your municipal water company contaminated as it is with Arsenic and Lead too… yes those bags of industrial waster rat poison from China are contaminated with arsenic and lead.

So, boys and girls, moms and dads, …. See something say something, just say no, and just brush your teeth with fluoride free toothpaste.

No worries, there is always hope and solutions to even the most complex problems, it just depends who you ask. Dr. Patel is here to bring you the information that your Doctor is not telling you.

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