Dr. Gregory Smith MD and producer of the the award winning show American addict 1 &2. Truth, medicine, and politics on KABC Radio Las Angeles 2016

Dr. Joseph Mercola D.O. , one of the most advanced and influential medical Doctors in the United States Integrative oncology conference 2018

Dr. tom O’bryan from the autoimmune betrayal docuseries. Learn what your Doctor does not know about autoimmune disease.

My name is Rachel Celler and I’m a Registered Nurse, United Stated Navy veteran hospital corpsman,  and a  naturopath.  I  trained at one of the original schools of natural medicine in Florida from 1979  at a private  University .

I’m an ordained practitioner  of  Christian Science and I teach covenant health and  healing according to the Holy Bible. 

There is no mystery to reversing diseases like  cancer, autoimmune, and autism . There are natural solutions to every health problem and you deserve  world class health care and the most sophisticated information. 

   I you   find what is at the root of your problem and most people are misdiagnosed. 

I founded Fisher of Men Healing ministry  when I was still in nursing school because I had a need to be healed and struggled with addiction. The naturally better  approach considers the condition of whole person as mind, body,and spirit not just a physical body. Throwing pills at a problem seems a  primitive and a toxic idea. 

I had questions about healing and  cures.  The answers that I was given by the medical community lacked sophistication and clarity. I asked myself  “Are we really this behind?”  I set out to uncover what is at the root of some of the most common diseases like cancer, auto- immune, autism, and addiction.

My spirit was grieving from  pushing a pill cart full of toxic drugs down a hall of 30 patients that would take me 8 hours to distribute. I knew there had to be a better way.

What sets me apart from most nurses, Doctors, scientists, and especially academic leaders is my understanding about disease and its origin. I had to rethink and redefine everything I knew about health, disease, healing and cure.

The shocking truth about the global healthcare system  is that people have been deceived from lack of knowledge. Blind leading the blind in a system, I call Evidence based lies where fake science and fake medicine continue to kill, steal, and destroy the lives of innocent and uninformed  citizen’s one incorrect diagnosis and cancer laced vaccine at a time. Learn the truth about how to reverse disease naturally and find out if you are misdiagnosed.

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